Child abuse panic

Child abuse panic

‘Memoir is the twin sister of fiction’

Upon the death of Frank McCourt, described by some as the inventor of the misery memoir, read spiked’s interview with him from 2001.

30 January 2009

The making of a
modern-day witch hunt

The publication of the paperback version of Richard Webster’s The Secret of Bryn Estyn is a powerful reminder of who is driving today’s hysterical anti-paedophile witch hunts: police, judges, politicians… the elite, not the mob.

4 December 2008

How the abuse industry is exploiting Baby P

If the killing of Baby P wasn’t awful enough, now his death is being used to institute a new era of familial fear and spying.

18 November 2008

Is it P for ‘prole’?

The death of one child is scandalously held up as evidence that Britain has a murderous ‘underclass’.

18 November 2008

Dead baby porn

The media coverage of Baby P has been a concoction of pornographic detail and coercive moralising.

12 November 2008

‘Baby P’: don’t turn this tragedy into a policy

Let’s stop the government from using this case as a springboard for spreading suspicion. PLUS: Ken McLaughlin on ‘scattergun social work’.