Child abuse panic

Child abuse panic

30 January 2009

The making of a
modern-day witch hunt

The publication of the paperback version of Richard Webster’s The Secret of Bryn Estyn is a powerful reminder of who is driving today’s hysterical anti-paedophile witch hunts: police, judges, politicians… the elite, not the mob.

4 December 2008

How the abuse industry is exploiting Baby P

If the killing of Baby P wasn’t awful enough, now his death is being used to institute a new era of familial fear and spying.

18 November 2008

Is it P for ‘prole’?

The death of one child is scandalously held up as evidence that Britain has a murderous ‘underclass’.

18 November 2008

Dead baby porn

The media coverage of Baby P has been a concoction of pornographic detail and coercive moralising.

12 November 2008

‘Baby P’: don’t turn this tragedy into a policy

Let’s stop the government from using this case as a springboard for spreading suspicion. PLUS: Ken McLaughlin on ‘scattergun social work’.