Child abuse panic

Child abuse panic

4 October 2016

This abuse inquiry was doomed to fail

Public inquiries should be about truth, not giving people ‘closure’.

22 September 2016

National Treasure: the showtrial of ageing celebs

This Yewtree-themed drama raises pressing questions about the post-Savile era.

8 August 2016

Abuse inquiry: a travesty of justice

After Lowell Goddard’s resignation, let’s scrap this glorified showtrial.

25 May 2016

The family courts make a mockery of justice

It’s little wonder people are fearful of making abuse allegations.

18 April 2016

Fry’s right – self-pity is nothing to celebrate

The belief that sexual abuse is uniquely traumatising is damaging to victims.

22 March 2016

No end in sight to paedo hysteria

Operation Midland may have closed, but the elite obsession with child abuse continues.

9 February 2016

Operation Midland: why the paedo panic won’t die

As one hysteria is exposed, another replaces it.

29 December 2015

Lord Janner: you can’t try a dead man

It would be a perversion of justice to put the deceased on trial.

21 December 2015

St Helena is no paedophiles’ paradise

How a charity and two social workers succeeded in witch-hunting an entire island.

1 December 2015

The Goddard Inquiry: therapy, not justice

This huge inquiry into child abuse has nothing to do with truth.