Gay rights

Gay rights

17 May 2012

‘I've never seen people smiling so broadly’

US civil libertarian Wendy Kaminer says progressives should welcome the rise of gay marriage.

14 May 2012

Gay marriage: redrawing the American political map

In officially endorsing same-sex marriage, Obama is signalling that the Democratic Party now has little interest in its old blue-collar supporters.

14 May 2012

Why I’m coming out... against gay marriage

A New York progressive braves the opprobrium of his peers by questioning same-sex marriage.

14 May 2012

Why the Hollygarchy *hearts* gay marriage

Hollywood has become a closed set to anyone who is less than effusive about same-sex marriage.

16 April 2012

This linguistic engineering invades our lives and loves

Officialdom’s frenetic replacement of words like son and wife with words like ‘carer’ and ‘partner’ diminishes our identities.

22 March 2012

Why gay marriage is a very bad idea

The gay-marriage juggernaut has nothing to do with liberty, and everything to do with providing the elite with a new moral mission.

10 January 2012

Divorcing marriage from morality

By promoting it as a least worst lifestyle option, modern defenders of marriage are undermining its best aspects.

27 June 2011

An unholy marriage of snobbery and snideyness

The cultural elite’s support for gay marriage is more about distinguishing themselves from homophobic plebs than fighting for equal rights.