Gay rights

Gay rights

8 August 2018

The problem with gay surrogacy

There’s something narcissistic in demanding your own biological children.

2 August 2018

More Trans Pride? Oh please, no

Why trans activists are such a carping, censorious lot.

20 July 2018

We need to talk about the Q

Queer politics has corrupted LGBT liberation.

15 December 2017

Masterpiece Cakeshop: are we free to disagree?

The US Supreme Court case represents a fork in the road for freedom.

29 November 2017

Gay men, stand up for yourselves

Even after the Spacey scandal, let’s defend risky sex.

30 October 2017

The gay-cakes case could set a dangerous precedent

No one should be forced to express ideas they disagree with.

11 October 2017

How to resolve the culture war over ‘gay cakes’

We need a compromise between individual liberty and civil rights.

11 August 2017

‘Gay people fought for their own liberation’

Peter Tatchell on why 1967 was just the beginning of the fight for gay rights.

3 August 2017

Tyler, The Creator: the wrong kind of queer

Apparently, using the word ‘faggot’ disqualifies you from being gay.