US election 2012

US election 2012

8 April 2016

‘Trump supporters are uneducated’

Tom Slater finds a fair bit of prejudice among anti-Trump activists in Long Island.

14 November 2012

America: the decline of politics, the rise of tribes

Bush was booed for chasing after the votes of certain racial and cultural groups. Obama is cheered for doing the exact same thing.

14 November 2012

No country for old white Republicans

As the presidential election showed, the Republican Party is at odds with the permissive mainstream of America.

7 November 2012

A small victory in a small campaign

Barack Obama has returned to the White House following one of the most acrimonious, negative and ideas-free campaigns in living memory.

31 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy: a political storm

Pundits’ exploitation of Sandy to big up Barack Obama shows how desperate they have become.

2 October 2012

Obama and the end of great expectations

In 2008, Obama won by exciting and raising people’s expectations. In 2012, he hopes to win by lowering them.

20 September 2012

The real losers in this election are the voters

Romney’s videotaped dismissal of swathes of the electorate will hurt him, but Obama remains a lame duck, too.

20 September 2012

The president who would divide and rule

Romney’s attack on ‘the 47 per cent who pay no income tax’ conveyed his contempt for ordinary Americans.

13 September 2012

Shouting 'Liar, liar, pants on fire!' is not serious politics

The rise of a tyranny of fact-checkers in the US election, who constantly call out politicians on their ‘lies’, is a very unhealthy development.

13 September 2012

There’s more to politics than values

The Democrat convention was big on moral posturing about gay marriage and abortion, but short on serious strategy.