Social media

Social media

Why clicktivism now makes us switch off

President Obama is better than most politicians at exploiting social media, but even he can fall victim to mocking memes.

15 March 2012

Free speech on Facebook? Think again

The prosecution of a teenager for sounding off about British soldiers on Facebook should be of concern to us all.

15 February 2012

Facebook valuation: $100 billion for what?

Yes, if FB were a country it would be the third largest. It would also be the most unproductive country ever.

The PR-free glory of the footballers’ twitterverse

Thanks to Twitter, footballers and fans are finally getting up close and occasionally personal. But how long will it last?

31 January 2011

Facebook does not make you mentally ill

Some experts now claim that social networking is turning us into a nation of nutters. It’s therapeutic drivel.

18 January 2011

Tunisians don’t need advice from the Twittering classes

The inspiring uprising springs from people’s aspiration for real freedom, not from Western Wikileakers revealing ‘the truth’ to Africans.

5 January 2011

Can the police solve a murder on Facebook?

The media circus surrounding the Joanna Yeates case reveals what can happen when a murder inquiry gets mixed up with a PR campaign.

18 October 2010

Facebook: the heart in a heartless world

David Fincher’s brilliant The Social Network teases out what is driving the FB juggernaut: our need for narrative.

14 April 2010

What this Twitterstorm reveals about Labour

Stuart MacLennan’s real crime was to spout Labour’s prejudices against chavs and old people in an uncouth way.

17 February 2010

The 10 craziest Facebook groups

FB may have hundreds of millions of users, but judging by its campaign groups it won’t change the world anytime soon.