Social media

Social media

18 October 2010

Facebook: the heart in a heartless world

David Fincher’s brilliant The Social Network teases out what is driving the FB juggernaut: our need for narrative.

14 April 2010

What this Twitterstorm reveals about Labour

Stuart MacLennan’s real crime was to spout Labour’s prejudices against chavs and old people in an uncouth way.

17 February 2010

The 10 craziest Facebook groups

FB may have hundreds of millions of users, but judging by its campaign groups it won’t change the world anytime soon.

22 January 2010

Banning footballers from Twitter? OMFG

Football clubs’ semi-Orwellian efforts to keep their players off Twitter will further alienate footballers from their fans.

11 December 2009

How to Twitter a tragedy

SLIDESHOW: Truth-seeking, Viagra ads and bad-taste jokes all played their part in tweets about the Russian nightclub fire.

9 November 2009

The right to privacy in the Age of Facebook

In an era of voluntary revelation and involuntary regulation, we must find new ways to defend our private lives.

5 August 2009

The UN’s Twitter war against nukes

Why Ban Ki-moon’s teenage Twittering about the evil of nuclear weapons has only 1,064 followers.

1 April 2009

The four twitterers of the apocalypse

A crack squad of spiked writers twittered live from the end-is-nigh protests against the G20 in London on Wednesday.

5 January 2009

The first Twitterwar

‘Respect R rt 2 live...’ The Web 2.0 battle being fought alongside the war in Gaza reveals Israel’s defensiveness.

7 February 2008

Facebook and the death of privacy

In order for public and private life to thrive, we need spaces that are absolutely free from the prying eyes of officialdom and others.