Social media

Social media

22 July 2015

Lena Dunham and the rise of TMI feminism

The new media feminism confuses bodily fluids with political issues.

A newspaper bans its own Nick Cave story – the Twittermob strikes again

The ease with which mobs can demolish content is terrifying.

24 April 2015

We’ll tweet what we want

Football fans need to kick back against the social-media police.

5 June 2014

Scout Willis: is the nipple political?

#FreeTheNipple exposes how vain online activism has become.

11 April 2014

The social life of the networked teen

On social networks, kids have found the unprotected, adult-free spaces now denied to them in the real world.

19 February 2014

Neknominate: a modern moral panic

The online drinking game has led to a handful of deaths, but attempting to regulate immature behaviour will cause more harm.