Social media

Social media

11 April 2017

‘Fake news’ flags won’t get to the truth

Let's trust people to be critical news consumers.

21 December 2016

Don’t make Facebook the ministry of truth

The fake-news panic is a threat to internet freedom.

1 June 2016

Reclaim the internet… from the censors

Yvette Cooper’s new campaign is an insidious attack on online freedom.

18 May 2016

Facebook’s bias is nothing to fear

Facebook hasn't been brainwashing users. But it has been dishonest.

29 March 2016

Met Police: armed wing of the offence-taking industry

Why are cops so keen to trend online and impress Buzzfeed?

24 February 2016

#FreeKesha: why Twitter trials are bad for justice

The rush to ‘believe’ rape complainants is a dangerous trend.

29 January 2016

The ECHR is not working

The European Court of Human Rights should not be ruling on workplace matters.