12 March 2012

The West is already meddling in Syria

From economic sanctions to weapons inspections, international forces are already there, making things worse.

12 March 2012

The Syrian opposition: handpicked by Hillary

Just because Clinton and others have beatified the Syrian National Council, that doesn’t make it legit.

27 February 2012

The danger of reporters becoming ‘crusaders’

The death of courageous war reporter Marie Colvin in Syria was a tragedy – but not a justification for further Western intervention.

7 February 2012

Let’s veto the West’s moral posturing on Syria

There is more logic to Russia’s and China’s veto of the UN resolution condemning Assad than there is to William Hague’s sixth-former antics.

3 January 2012

The Syrian uprising: it isn’t all about us

The vanity of those calling for the West to intervene is matched only by the navel-gazing of those who claim to be opposed to intervention.

16 November 2011

Putting the Syrian Spring on ice

From EU sanctions to Arab League posturing, external meddling in Syria is weakening the democratic uprising.

26 September 2011

Kick the UN out of the Middle East

The cynical bid for Palestinian statehood shows how ordinary Palestinians have been made spectators of history.

8 August 2011

Syria and the hole at the heart of the Arab revolts

Events in Syria suggest that nobody has the authority to resolve the Arab crisis – not the US, not the regimes, and sadly not the rebels either.

Why so many hacks fell for the ‘gay girl in Syria’

Fake blogger Tom MacMaster is not the only person who has magicked up an identity by morally leeching off other people’s conflicts.