20 June 2013

Syria: semi-impotent West can still make it worse

One special power that Western leaders like Barack Obama and David Cameron retain is the ability further to mess up the Middle East.

15 May 2013

Syria and the
myths of WMD

The West’s conventional firepower, used against regimes with WMD, is far more destructive than any WMD.

1 May 2013

The weird obsession with chemical weapons

If Assad really has killed 15 people with sarin, why is that worse than his slaughter of thousands of others with bullets and bombs?

11 April 2013

Syria: how to make a bad situation worse

The West’s strategy-free tinkering has opened the door to the very Islamist groups it has been fighting elsewhere.

6 December 2012

Syria: the dangers of global posturing

The announcement that NATO is to station missiles on Turkey’s border confirms the internationalisation of the conflict.

8 October 2012

The dangers of sabre-
rattling in Syria

The spread of the Syrian war to Turkey shows how lethal the internationalisation of conflicts can be.

8 October 2012

Another fine mess NATO has got us into

As the mayhem in Syria shows, NATO does little but destabilise the countries that it threatens to intervene in.

13 August 2012

Syria: how the West is sanctioning sectarianism

In the name of making a PR performance of their moral resolve, Western governments are meddling in Syria in an ever-more lethal way.

11 April 2012

Why Syrians should
say no to Annan

The UN ‘peace plan’ is about enforcing stability, even if that means keeping Assad in power, not liberating Syrians.

12 March 2012

Bomb Syria so that I can sleep at night

The most shocking thing about the intervene-in-Syria lobby is not its historical amnesia over Iraq and Afghanistan, but its naked narcissism.