Press freedom

Press freedom

What’s really motoring this anti-Murdoch crusade?

What the News of the World is alleged to have done is terrible and indefensible. But the fury about it is being driven by something else.

29 June 2011

Free speech vs privacy? There’s only one winner

Recent coverage of celebrities’ sexual antics has been puerile, but it should not be judges who decide what we read.

11 April 2011

The brassnecked hypocrisy of these invaders of privacy

Yes, the News of the World has behaved badly, but for New Labour bigwigs to complain about being snooped on... you couldn’t make it up.

8 September 2010

This seems like news of another world entirely

Is reheating an old scandal about a Tory spindoctor and phone tapping at the News of the World really the best the Opposition can offer?