Press freedom

Press freedom

27 February 2012

The danger of reporters becoming ‘crusaders’

The death of courageous war reporter Marie Colvin in Syria was a tragedy – but not a justification for further Western intervention.

27 February 2012

How Leveson has chilled the Sun

The first Sun on Sunday is proof that elite hysteria about ‘tabloid culture’ is taming and dulling the tabloids.

21 February 2012

Who’s afraid of the Sun rising on a Sunday?

Rupert Murdoch’s new tabloid has already been branded a ‘creature from the swamp’ – let’s hope it is the News of the World with knobs on.

30 January 2012

The misogyny of the
anti-Page 3 brigade

The prudes trying to strip the tabloids of topless pics belittle women far more than any male reader could.

25 January 2012

The Leveson Inquiry is the enemy of a free press

Now it's out: Lord Justice Leveson wants quasi-state regulation - in the name of 'press freedom'.

24 January 2012

‘This is becoming an
anti-tabloid witch-hunt’

Read the transcript of CBC’s interview with Brendan O’Neill about Leveson, lies and press freedom.

3 January 2012

Using tabloid tactics to slay the tabloids

The Guardian's retraction of the Charlotte Church story brings to 40 the number of anti-Murdoch articles it has had to correct.

29 December 2011

Making sense of a rollercoaster year

Whether we were cheering uprisings or challenging nuclear panic, spiked cut to the chase in 2011.

29 December 2011

The worst 10 assaults on freedom

From bans on songs and leafleting to war against gossipy tabloids, 2011 was a bad year for free speech.

23 December 2011

Alan Partridge: an invitation to sneer

The autobiography of the fictional broadcaster and all-round master of naff is undoubtedly funny, but, like creator Steve Coogan’s recent pronouncements, it is fuelled by large doses of liberal snobbery.