Press freedom

Press freedom

The Guardian calls for the licensing of the press

If you want to know how far today’s climate of censoriousness has gone, look no further than this morning’s liberal Guardian newspaper.

19 June 2012

Now Leveson wants heretics ‘gagged’

So why has almost the only public figure to question the inquiry into the press been a leading Tory member of the government that launched it?

14 June 2012

Leveson: a menace to democracy, too

So why do so many liberal-minded observers praise the Lord Justice and his QC sidekick as a two-man ‘British spring’?

15 May 2012

A respectable riot against tabloid readers

The interrogation of Rebekah Brooks over the NotW exposing paedophiles only exposed the prejudices behind the Leveson inquisition.

26 April 2012

Is Murdoch really
a lizard in a suit?

The Murdoch-bashing of the smart set who believes he ‘controls Britain’ has crossed the line from rational inquiry into David Icke territory.

11 April 2012

Panorama and the toxic BBC culture

The editor of the Weekend Australian says the BBC’s claim that News Corp encouraged piracy against competitors is pure conspiracy theory.

29 March 2012

Who wants to live in
Hugh Grant’s ‘ideal world’?

The tabloid-bashing actor-crusader returns to read Lord Justice Leveson’s script on ‘light touch’ state regulation of the press.

7 March 2012

Who wants police chiefs to edit a free press?

In the atmosphere of press unfreedom created around Leveson, it seems ‘the public interest’ is now to be defined by… the Metropolitan Police.

27 February 2012

The danger of reporters becoming ‘crusaders’

The death of courageous war reporter Marie Colvin in Syria was a tragedy – but not a justification for further Western intervention.

27 February 2012

How Leveson has chilled the Sun

The first Sun on Sunday is proof that elite hysteria about ‘tabloid culture’ is taming and dulling the tabloids.