Press freedom

Press freedom

13 December 2011

The truth about
anti-tabloid hysteria

Many of the anti-Murdoch stories of the past year have been based more on rumour than reality.

7 December 2011

Serious journalists slebs for censorship

Why those who normally abhor celebrity culture are cheering the likes of Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan against the celeb-obsessed tabloids.

5 October 2011

A licence to kill freedom of expression

Licensing journalists was a bad idea in John Milton’s day - so why are politicians and editors keen to revive it now?

27 September 2011

Defend a free press - don’t just guard the Guardian

Yes, the police threat to the liberal newspaper was outrageous – but who invited the authorities to crack down on the press in the first place?

16 August 2011

Attacking press freedom in the name of privacy

Having made private conduct central to politics, it’s a bit rich for MPs now to slate the press for being obsessed with private peccadilloes.

19 July 2011

‘Of course I support a free press, but…’

All-party support for regulating the media threatens to reverse the historic gains of the struggle for press freedom.

19 July 2011

My PAIN at being hacked by the tabloids

A politician-cum-celeb says only a sharp-fanged regulator can stop the scuzzy press from invading voicemails.

12 July 2011

‘You cannot pluck the rose without the thorn’

The death of a free press, the hacking off of investigative journalism - the scandals nobody is talking about.

11 July 2011

‘We name and shame the evil tabloid hacks!’

The cultural elite’s crusade against News International is only a more erudite version of the News of the World’s war on perverts.

11 July 2011

Press culture is none of Cameron’s business

An American free-speech campaigner dissects the ‘delusional elitism’ of those wanting to muzzle the tabloids.