Press freedom

Press freedom

23 August 2018

Now Corbyn plans to ‘nationalise’ the news

Why cheer the Labour leader’s support for government-approved journalism?

17 August 2018

Press freedom is too important to entrust to judges – or government

The BBC won’t appeal the Sir Cliff ruling. We need to appeal to the public.

1 August 2018

The chilling effect of the Cliff Richard ruling

People are already citing the ruling to try to stifle media reporting.

26 July 2018

Defend our privacy – oppose their privacy laws

Protecting the private sphere should not mean inviting the state in.

20 July 2018

Cliff Richard’s win is our loss

Cliff's Law puts privacy first and society second.

15 May 2018

Why MPs must vote against Leveson II – again

It’s time to shoot down the myths of the pro-regulation lobby.

14 May 2018

A minute of your time to help defend the press

We must see off the Lords’ plan for Leveson II – contact your MP now.

8 May 2018

Press freedom hangs by a thread

We have 24 hours to halt a historic betrayal of liberty.

25 April 2018

How did Britain end up at No40 on the world press-freedom rankings?

The 2018 World Press Freedom Index shows we have a fight on our hands

12 April 2018

Now they want to lock up Rod Liddle and ban Quentin Letts

Joking about the Welsh or criticising black actors is the new limit to free speech.