18 September 2015

No, you’re not what your mother ate

More pseudo-scientific hectoring is the last thing pregnant women need.

24 October 2006

What ever happened to humane medicine?

It is scandalous that doctors are refusing treatment to patients who smoke, drink or eat junk food.

1 September 2006

What next? Will we need a licence to parent?

In a taster to a talk he's giving next week, Frank Furedi slates New Labour’s petty and incessant ‘early intervention’ into our lives.

28 July 2006

Blair’s unhealthy political vision

In a speech about public health, the prime minister declared open season on our private lives.

6 January 2006

Choice on the sickbed

New Labour's new Patient Choice initiative suggests it doesn’t know the meaning of the c-word.

21 November 2005

The absurdity of a ‘patient-led’ NHS

What next: a lunatic-led asylum?

24 March 2005

The cannabis debate: puff and nonsense

What's behind the UK government's 'rethink' of the dope laws?

9 September 2004

Anti-vaccination nation?

An injection of perspective into the debates about vaccines, past and present.

7 June 2004

Kicking against the new conformist pricks

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on why Gary Lineker out-rebels Big Brother's Kitten.

28 April 2004

Whose C-section is it anyway?

The UK government wants to cut women out of decisions about Caesarean sections.