Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence

13 March 2014

Stephen Lawrence: why politicians can’t let go

It’s easier for politicians and senior police officers to focus on the sins of the past than confront the present.

6 November 2012

End of double jeopardy: nothing to be proud of

It is surreal to give Doreen Lawrence a Pride of Britain award for her alleged assault on ‘arcane’ legal principles.

5 January 2012

Official anti-racism: the new nationalism?

Once the establishment preached the doctrine of race and nation - now the elites have redefined racism as ‘a secular sin’.

5 January 2012

Lawrence case: the elephant in the room

The double-jeopardy rule survived the Dark Ages, but it could not survive the New Labour years.

4 January 2012

Lawrence verdict: this isn’t justice – it’s politics

The cultural elite has exploited and politicised the murder of Stephen Lawrence to a degree that would have made Machiavelli blush.

25 October 2011

Who’s afraid of Basildon Man?

The Dale Farm clash allowed the commentariat to resuscitate their long-standing loathing for Essex men and women.

21 April 2009

Why are the police in a state?

Neither police brutality nor anti-police sentiment are what they once were in British society - yet the crisis of authority appears worse than ever.

8 August 2007

Who does Doreen Lawrence think she is?

We all empathise with the mother of Stephen Lawrence. But we don’t have to respect her views on race, policing, Boris or anything else.

2 December 2005

One murder doesn’t make a racist society

The response to the killing of Anthony Walker tells us more about Britain than the murder itself.

24 October 2003

The phoney moral crusade against racism

In an age when the old certainties have been eroded, ‘anti-racism’ has become a new etiquette.