9-11: Ten years on

9-11: Ten years on

27 March 2015

Jeremy Clarkson: a true internationalist

Far from being parochial, Top Gear was loved from Italy to Iran.

29 February 2012

Obama is out-Bushing Bush, and no one minds

That Obama has received so little flak over police spying on Muslims suggests Democrats can get away with far more than Republicans.

13 September 2011

New York remembers

Photo essay: spiked reports from Ground Zero, where thousands gathered to mark the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

9 September 2011

After 11 September: their ‘resilience’, and ours

New Yorkers demonstrated true bravery and heroism in response to 9/11. The same cannot be said for America’s political leaders.

8 September 2011

Ten years on, America is at war with itself

It was said that 9/11 would bring Americans together. Instead it sowed fear, paranoia and political rifts.

8 September 2011

Message to the West: ‘know thyself’

Since 9/11, terrorists have lived like parasites off the already-existing disorientation of Western elites.

7 September 2011

Where did all the goodies and baddies go?

Hollywood’s post-9/11 films have ditched old-style patriotic chest-beating in favour of moral self-flagellation.

6 September 2011

Our war on the politics of fear

How the reactions to 9/11 proved that the world had already changed – and helped to shape the political targets of a new magazine called spiked.

5 September 2011

After 9/11: ten years of a war against… who?

In the first of his series of ‘On Reflection’ essays, Frank Furedi reflects on our leaders' inability to give a name to their post-9/11 wars.