London 2012

London 2012

21 December 2012

How the Olympics killed the killjoys

In London 2012, elite cynicism was wrestled and defeated by a mass, democratic thirst for spectacle.

12 September 2012

An Olympic-shaped hole in our society?

Everybody now agrees that the London 2012 Games showed Britain can ‘do big things’. So why did nobody believe that two months ago?

12 September 2012

New Olympic sport: sneering at squaddies

The hostility shown towards some soldiers during the Games is a product of the elite’s disavowal of military values.

12 September 2012

The silence of the London 2012 killjoys

Protesters who planned to ruin London 2012 with jeering stunts and anti-Games rallies are now feeling very stupid indeed.

14 June 2012

An Olympic-sized retirement home?

How will London 2012 follow Beijing’s stunning opening ceremony? With sheep, rain, nurses and mosh pits.

22 November 2011

Olympics: forget the legacy and enjoy the spectacle

The transformation of 2012 into a vehicle for regenerating east London and re-engineering the populace is bad for sport, and bad for politics.

25 August 2011

No shooting events in front of the kids

Boris wants to stop yoof from watching Olympic shooting events because of their gun-glorifying effect. Is he joking?