Riots in Britain

Riots in Britain

9 August 2016

Why the left misremembers the riots

The London riots were a product of victimhood and entitlement, not Tory austerity.

8 August 2013

‘I forget a riot, I forget a riot’

Two years on, it is almost as if the London riots never really happened.

2 April 2013

Ignoring the real lessons of the riots

It wasn’t poverty that kicked off the 2011 riots; it was the years of intervention from a therapeutic state.

17 July 2012

How the nationalisation of parenting stoked the riots

ESSAY: The state’s relentless undermining of parental authority has created a world in which no one knows how to control children or teens.

17 July 2012

Time to Do Something for themselves

A trendy attempt to promote ‘positive images’ of young people after last year’s riots is the last thing they need.

10 July 2012

Why victim culture
is running riot

Last year's English riots weren't down to government cuts but to a vast culture of self-pity and entitlement among the young.

2 April 2012

You can’t blame the riots on trainer adverts

To discover the real cause of the August riots, the intrusive state could do with looking closer to home.

20 March 2012

Plan B's prole porn for the music press

The lauding of his new single 'Ill Manors' shows even youth culture has been colonised by the chattering classes.

21 December 2011

The rioters weren’t poor automatons

Those who have concluded that the August rioters were simply reacting to deprivation are deluding themselves.

6 December 2011

Getting the rioters to do their dirty work

The Guardian’s study of the August riots is pure advocacy research, designed to harness the power of riotous menace to chattering-class causes.