18 December 2017

Meet the women worried about #MeToo

Thirteen bold women on why we must reject victimhood.

29 November 2017

Angela Lansbury: the latest witch on the pyre

So much as question the #MeToo movement and you'll be mobbed.

29 November 2017

Why women should stand up to the trans ideology

Questions must be asked, however much they bully and demonise us.

28 November 2017

President Macron, French women don’t need saving

The problem with Macron’s ‘emergency plan’ on sexism.

28 November 2017

Ban Sleeping Beauty? Okay, now feminists have gone too far

No, this fairytale won’t encourage boys to kiss girls without consent.

24 November 2017

In defence of Lena Dunham

Yes, she’s irritating. But she isn’t a rape apologist or racist.

13 November 2017

Future sex: a brave new world

The #MeToo panic could render sex dull and love impossible.

9 November 2017

Feminists vs women

Woe betide women who don’t subscribe to feminist orthodoxy.