12 September 2013

Putting lads’ mags back on the shelves

This week, the Co-op removed lads’ mags from its shops. Russell McCarthy decided to put them back.

5 September 2013

The feminists trolling the trolls

The claim of a link between trolling and domestic violence is itself a massive and fact-lite act of 'trolling'.

28 August 2013

What a bunch of twerks!

Why are feminists reducing so-called black culture to a cheeky dance?

27 August 2013

Anti-lads’ mags – and anti-people

Saleha Ali finds a Lose the Lads' Mags protest wet, unpopular and very snobby.

22 August 2013

Oh feminism, what happened to you?

Once, radical women demanded liberty and change; now they want censorship and social engineering.

12 August 2013

‘The new feminism is just snobbery’

A glamour model for lads’ mags on why she can't abide censorious feminists.

12 August 2013

Taking the ‘he’ out of higher education

The feminist challenge to Enlightenment ideas of knowledge and rationality has undermined the project of HE.

17 July 2013

Is rape really a fate worse than death?

Barbara Hewson on the PC revival of the idea of raped women as ‘damaged goods’.