14 October 2010

The sad decline of
la femme fantastique

Proposing an online register of ‘rapists’ is the maddest thing Germaine Greer’s done since she puked on Big Brother.

29 September 2008

Sarah Palin: a campaign built on female chauvinism

In her new column, Wendy Kaminer says the hockey mom has come to bury liberal feminism… and Hillary Clinton provided her with the shovel.

5 June 2007

Forget her singing, look at her ASS!

By putting a fat butt-naked Beth Ditto on its front cover, the NME has ensured that she is better known for her curves than her music – just like Girls Aloud.

4 April 2006

Stop blurring the line between rape and sex

New Labour's rewriting of the rape laws is being guided by the ideas of 1970s man-hating feminism.

21 May 2004

Women: are we equal now?

And if so, so what?