2 June 2015

The feminists hell-bent on giving God a sex change

Referring to God as 'She' is just silly.

14 May 2015

Has feminism really come to this:
fear of adverts?

The fuss over Protein World exposes the wetness of the new feminism.

14 May 2015

#NotGuilty, but a victim forever

Rape victims shouldn't be encouraged to dwell on their experiences.

5 May 2015

A bikini-clad celebration of weakness

Ella Whelan reports from the protest against Protein World's beach-body ad.

28 April 2015

The teen angst of the Protein World protests

Feminism poses a bigger threat to womanhood than those ads ever could.

27 April 2015

Ben Affleck: a slave to identity politics

From multiculturalists to feminists, too many think that we are defined by our inheritance.

23 April 2015

The real victim of ‘rape culture’? Free speech

As the Christina Hoff Sommers furore shows, too many students can’t handle debate.