12 August 2013

Taking the ‘he’ out of higher education

The feminist challenge to Enlightenment ideas of knowledge and rationality has undermined the project of HE.

17 July 2013

Is rape really a fate worse than death?

Barbara Hewson on the PC revival of the idea of raped women as ‘damaged goods’.

19 February 2013

The decline of the family’s mystique

Fifty years on from Betty Friedan’s seminal The Feminine Mystique, family life could do with more supporters.

31 January 2013

Do we live in a ‘pornified’ world?

Yes, there’s an increasingly ugly culture of sexualisation, but the government campaign against it will get us nowhere.

What's up with these Bunny boilers?

Feminists saying ‘Eff Off Hef’ to a new Playboy club are belittling women, not empowering them.

18 May 2011

How feminists helped students to ‘unlearn’ liberty

Campus bans on misogynist speech don't advance equality; they assume that women are just too weak to speak back.

18 May 2011

SlutWalk: a step in the wrong direction

The protests against an apparent culture of violence towards women end up celebrating victimhood.

1 April 2011

Women: equal at work, still unequal at home?

Christina Hopkinson’s sparkly new novel has been read as a privileged mum’s moan about cleaning. In fact it raises more than a few awkward questions about domestic drudgery.

22 November 2010

Page Three Girls and
porn-again feminists

It really is sad that so many feminists get their knickers in a twist about the Sun’s topless beauties.

14 October 2010

The sad decline of
la femme fantastique

Proposing an online register of ‘rapists’ is the maddest thing Germaine Greer’s done since she puked on Big Brother.