10 July 2014

Who’s really exploiting ‘Magaluf girl’?

Both tabloids and feminists are using this gross video to score moral points.

27 June 2014

Terry Richardson: feminism turns on the hipsters

Hipster raunch is the product of the restrictive times we live in.

19 June 2014

Operation Lollipop: a useful parody

How were Twitter’s hashtag activists so easily hoaxed by #EndFathersDay?

5 June 2014

Scout Willis: is the nipple political?

#FreeTheNipple exposes how vain online activism has become.

Boko Haram and the feminisation of education

The West’s weeping over the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls speaks to the way education is used and abused in the Third World.

‘Objectification’: a feeble excuse for campus censorship

Banning unsuitable images or music is far worse than seeing the odd photo of a topless model.

21 March 2014

Lad culture:
a defence

Student laddishness is a kind of rebellion against the new authoritarianism.