Fifty Shades: an uprising against fun-free feminism

After 50 years of feminism, women want to fantasise about dominant men.

18 February 2015

Harman’s Barbie bus: The new face of feminism

It isn't only Labour that views women as a distinctive political species.

13 February 2015

The Victorianism of the Fifty Shades boycotters

Those railing against the BDSM romp have a low view of womanhood.

12 February 2015

New rape laws: turning sex into a crime

Rape laws in England and Wales have become terrifyingly Kafkaesque.

5 February 2015

The FGM showtrial: this case should never have come to court

The trial that exposed how unhinged anti-FGM crusading has become.

3 February 2015

#Smurthgate: feminist censorship eats itself

A feminist comedian has been ‘banned’ by a students’ union. How ironic.

21 January 2015

Where’s the ‘Je Suis Page 3’ movement?

Boobs, prophets – true press freedom means nothing should be off limits.

21 January 2015

No More Page 3 is no victory for women

I find the censorious campaign against Page 3 far more offensive than a pair of tits.

9 January 2015

Football needs to grow a pair and defend Ched Evans

And: We need to tackle the intolerance of the anti-Evans mob.