11 February 2016

Hillary’s feminist fall from grace

Why old-school gender politics is turning off young women.

10 February 2016

How I became a feminist victim

Oxford student Eleanor Sharman explains why feminism fails women.

9 February 2016

Why we must
trust women

Support bpas’s campaign to decriminalise abortion.

3 February 2016

The sexism of
Safe Spaces

Students' unions that want to ‘protect women’ are turning the clock back.

1 February 2016

The Barbie for grown-ups

‘Body-positive’ dolls burden children with adult anxieties.

22 January 2016

After Cologne: where are the feminists?

Why are 'progressives' so reluctant to question what happened?

21 January 2016

Vagina voting is bad for women

Neither Clinton nor Foster are interested in women's liberation.