‘Banning pornography is demeaning to women’

Nadine Strossen talks free speech, women's equality and defending porn.

15 April 2016

‘Lena Dunham is a big pile of pudding’

Camille Paglia talks to Ella Whelan about feminism, transgenderism and Hillary.

11 April 2016

Why Kesha deserved to lose

The pop star's claims were flakey and stale, and didn't stand up.

17 March 2016

The myth of the male suicide epidemic

Men’s rights activists are pathologising masculinity.

11 March 2016

Enough with the gender agenda

We talk football, Turkey's press crackdown and International Women's Day.

11 March 2016

It's time we paid tribute to Sylvia Pankhurst

The least that this most radical Suffragette deserves is a statue.

7 March 2016

Corbyn is right – prostitution must be decriminalised

We shouldn't punish sex work. We shouldn't celebrate it, either.

24 February 2016

#FreeKesha: why Twitter trials are bad for justice

The rush to ‘believe’ rape complainants is a dangerous trend.