17 September 2014

Say No

Democracy itself is on the line in today’s referendum.

16 September 2014

The flimsy, fantasy politics of the Yes campaign

Scottish independence is not an opportunity; it’s a political dead-end.

11 September 2014

Independent Scotland will be a skint Scotland

Ignore the fantasists – oil and gas will not provide the basis for a New Jerusalem.

9 September 2014

Saving the Union by killing it

In promising devo max, Better Together is doing the 'Yes' campaign's work for it.

8 September 2014

Where are the defenders of the Union?

Scottish referendum: our leaders have gone AWOL from the battle of ideas.

4 September 2014

Scottish independence: the defeatist’s choice

A 'Yes' to independence would mean a missed opportunity to reform the UK as a whole.

4 September 2014

The SNP and UKIP – separated at birth?

Salmond and Farage have more in common than they’ll ever admit.

27 August 2014

And the fate of the Union rests with... Alistair Darling

So weak is the pro-Union side that all its hopes now rest on a political sad-case.

20 August 2014

The ‘Yes’ campaign’s version of history is Scotch mist

Six myths being peddled by left-wing converts to Scottish independence.

14 August 2014

Scottish independence? Just say no!

Brendan O’Neill kicks off spiked's campaign against Scottish separation.