16 February 2017

The SNP: the world’s most rubbish nationalists

Independence from Britain to stay in the EU? It doesn’t add up.

19 October 2016

Scottish independence: the cause of anti‑democrats

The SNP's opportunism draws deep on anti-Brexit sentiment.

13 June 2016

A Named Person speaks out

A youth worker on why he’s opposed to the SNP’s Named Person scheme.

9 May 2016

The humbling of the SNP

The nationalists' lost majority is good news for liberty and the Union.

13 October 2015

The SNP’s war on the people

Nicola Sturgeon’s party isn’t an alternative to snobby Westminster politics – it’s a tyrannical extension of it.

22 April 2015

The truth about the SNP surge

Sturgeon is the beneficiary of the collapse of traditional politics.

1 October 2014

Yugoslavia, Scotland and the end of nation

After the Scottish independence referendum, Britain should learn the lessons of Yugoslavia.