18 March 2008

Waiting for Sarko

The local elections in France confirmed that Sarkozy has turned French politics into a bitter, sub-Beckettian pantomime.

18 September 2007

France is now more gung-ho than America

As he threatens war on Iran, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner is living up to spiked’s warning that he is ‘the most dangerous man in Europe’.

2 July 2007

Sudan: a platform for French grandstanding

France's new foreign minister, the arch-interventionist Bernard Kouchner, is using the crisis in Darfur to try to win France some respect in world affairs.

4 June 2007

Is THIS the most dangerous man in Europe?

Bernard Kouchner poses as a rule-breaking rebel determined to save the wretched of the Earth. In fact his 'humanitarianism' is a recipe for mayhem.

21 September 2005

Learning from les rosbifs?

You know the political malaise in France is bad when they start looking to moribund Britain for inspiration.