In Calais, solidarity with the sans papiers

PHOTO ESSAY: Jessica Mudditt reports on a protest for open borders at the wasteland migrant shanties in France.

French lessons

The new French film The Class offers some profound insights into the crisis of legitimacy of the Fifth Republic.

25 March 2008

The tragic death of Chantal Sebire

The public parading of a severely disfigured French woman who wanted the ‘right to die’ was the equivalent of a modern-day freak show.

18 March 2008

Waiting for Sarko

The local elections in France confirmed that Sarkozy has turned French politics into a bitter, sub-Beckettian pantomime.

18 September 2007

France is now more gung-ho than America

As he threatens war on Iran, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner is living up to spiked’s warning that he is ‘the most dangerous man in Europe’.

2 July 2007

Sudan: a platform for French grandstanding

France's new foreign minister, the arch-interventionist Bernard Kouchner, is using the crisis in Darfur to try to win France some respect in world affairs.

4 June 2007

Is THIS the most dangerous man in Europe?

Bernard Kouchner poses as a rule-breaking rebel determined to save the wretched of the Earth. In fact his 'humanitarianism' is a recipe for mayhem.

21 September 2005

Learning from les rosbifs?

You know the political malaise in France is bad when they start looking to moribund Britain for inspiration.