27 October 2010

France: a ‘revolution’ to preserve the status quo

In the past, youthful rebels were heroically indifferent to their long-term security. The French protesters are obsessed with theirs.

13 September 2010

Why Sarkozy has declared war on his own population

The expulsion of the Roma is not a simple case of racism. Rather, this act of aggression speaks to the profound crisis of the French Republic.

27 July 2010

The purgatory of France’s revolutionary Terror

Danton’s Death at the National Theatre is a thrilling study of how social relations melt into air during revolutions.

19 July 2010

Banning the burqa is an assault on secular values

The fools who want to obliterate the face veil in the name of Enlightened values clearly don't know what Enlightenment is all about.

19 March 2010

Vive la cuisine

Le Big Mac may be on the rise, but a French woman explains why her country’s food culture is still alive and well.

In Calais, solidarity with the sans papiers

PHOTO ESSAY: Jessica Mudditt reports on a protest for open borders at the wasteland migrant shanties in France.

French lessons

The new French film The Class offers some profound insights into the crisis of legitimacy of the Fifth Republic.

25 March 2008

The tragic death of Chantal Sebire

The public parading of a severely disfigured French woman who wanted the ‘right to die’ was the equivalent of a modern-day freak show.

18 March 2008

Waiting for Sarko

The local elections in France confirmed that Sarkozy has turned French politics into a bitter, sub-Beckettian pantomime.

18 September 2007

France is now more gung-ho than America

As he threatens war on Iran, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner is living up to spiked’s warning that he is ‘the most dangerous man in Europe’.