23 June 2014

Quelque chose pour Le Weekend

Sandwich’s French-themed festival highlighted those who embrace the modern world and those who do not.

21 January 2014

L’affaire Hollande: privacy on trial

We must support press freedom and defend privacy.

19 August 2013

France's veil ban is an assault on freedom

The idea that it is emancipating to have the state tell women what they can wear is mad.

24 July 2013

François Hollande: political magician

France may be in the economic merde right now, but the French president has a cunning trick up his sleeve: doing nothing.

4 July 2013

Making Marine Le Pen into a martyr of free speech

The threatened prosecution of Le Pen for stating an opinion is deeply undemocratic.

27 March 2012

Call off this Culture War over Toulouse

Even before we knew the identity of the anti-Semitic school-shooter, people were turning him into a symbol of all that’s wrong with France.

19 May 2011

L’affaire DSK: French right to private lives on trial

That one French statesman has been charged with sexual assault is no reason to attack the civilised distinction between public and private affairs.