6 January 2016

We know they are not Charlie now

A year after the massacre, the threat to free speech comes from within.

9 December 2015

The crumbling of the French elite

Le Pen's Front National is building on the ruins of the political establishment.

26 November 2015

‘Every idea is an incitement’

Blurring the line between offensive speech and incitement to violence threatens freedom for us all.

24 November 2015

Yes, the Paris attacks had something to do with Islam

Insisting that Islamists are not 'real Muslims' gets us nowhere.

20 November 2015

After Paris: where’s our fire?

Why our rulers are more interested in policing our passions than fighting ISIS.

14 November 2015

Après Paris, c’est de raviver l’esprit
des Lumières

In French and English: read spiked’s response to the Paris attacks.

3 July 2015

Foucault: from libertine to neoliberal

Was the French philosopher really a Reaganite in poststructural clothing?

The racist roots of the French FGM crusade

France’s anti-FGM campaign was the product of an immigrant-bashing time.

10 January 2015

What if Charlie Hebdo had been published in Britain?

It would have been crushed. Here’s how.