18 October 2016

The crisis of French republicanism

French politicians have lost any sense of what the Fifth Republic is for.

19 September 2016

It will take more than boot camps to tackle terrorism

Why France’s de-radicalisation centres won’t stem the new jihadism.

6 September 2016

A towering testament to our humanity

The Eiffel Tower will renew your faith in our species’ ingenuity.

2 September 2016

Burkini wars: the rise of Francophobia

Yes, the burkini ban is wrong, but so is the demonisation of France.

9 August 2016

The burkini ban: another blow to liberté

French secularism has been a disaster for integration.

We need the Bastille spirit more than ever

After Nice, the fight for freedom and democracy must get real.

16 June 2016

Hollande’s fall from grace

The French president's undemocratic reforms have caused chaos in Paris.

6 January 2016

We know they are not Charlie now

A year after the massacre, the threat to free speech comes from within.