27 August 2018

Now they’re blaming populism for measles

Rejecting the politics of expertise is different to rejecting experts.

21 March 2018

The death of French politics

With opposition parties in disarray, there’s no one to hold Macron to account.

25 January 2018

Macron: the truth beneath the veneer

Why British journalists are wrong to swoon over the French president.

28 November 2017

President Macron, French women don’t need saving

The problem with Macron’s ‘emergency plan’ on sexism.

2 November 2017

Gender-inclusive language? Just say Non

That’s enough PC meddling with French grammar.

19 October 2017

Macron: more bank manager than leader

Five months on, President Macron still hasn’t set the world alight.

19 July 2017

Macron and Trump have more in common than you think

Both presidents are in love with themselves and authoritarianism.

6 July 2017

Macron: king of the technocrats

His monarchical turn reveals the authoritarianism of the Third Way.