Question Everything essays

Question Everything essays

5 December 2011

The rise and rise of intolerant tolerance

ESSAY: Scotland’s elite is trying to fashion a whole new identity built on anti-sectarianism.

29 November 2011

How the EU oligarchy has downsized democracy

ESSAY: So-called liberals and leftists have become obsessed with constructing a political firewall between the elite and the multitude.

24 November 2011

Anti-bullying campaigns: doing more harm than good?

ESSAY: Of course extreme cases of bullying should be tackled, but let’s not pathologise normal childhood relationships.

10 November 2011

Eurocrisis: the politics of no-longer-great powers

ESSAY: The EU’s problems stem from a destructive attempt by its leaders to save out-of-date institutions.

19 September 2011

Parents should rise up against this neurotrash

ESSAY: Dodgy neuroscience is being used to justify unprecedented levels of state intrusion into family life.

18 July 2011

Lib-Con family policy: Maggie meets Mary Poppins

The coalition’s family policy is an unholy marriage of Thatcher-style traditional moralism and New Labour-style therapeutic interventionism.

14 July 2011

Making a crisis out of a Greek drama

ESSAY: To overcome the Eurozone crisis, we should declare war on the fatalist notion that sluggish growth is the ‘New Normal’.

9 March 2011

Recasting betrayal as a democratic virtue

Kicking off a new series of essays, Frank Furedi says the deification of leakers and whistleblowers is bad for democracy, debate and private life.