Arab uprisings

Arab uprisings

18 May 2015

Morsi death sentence: a judgement on Western liberals

Too many sacrificed support for democracy at the altar of Sisi’s coup.

13 August 2014

A year on: how the West green-lighted Sisi’s massacres

The assault on Morsi supporters marked the end of the Arab Spring.

28 July 2014

Sisi: groping for Western approval

The real target of the Egyptian dictator’s clampdown on sexual harassment is political dissent.

25 June 2014

Now they think there’s a problem in Egypt

Why has the jailing of the Al-Jazeera three prompted more Western outrage than Sisi’s coup?

General Sisi and the death of democracy

Everyone’s democratic rights are threatened by the tyranny in Egypt.

27 March 2014

Why Libya should haunt Cameron’s nightmares

David Cameron thinks of Libya as his ‘happy place’, but it is far from happy today.

23 January 2014

Egypt: the coup the world forgot

The shallowness of Western politicians’ commitment to democracy lies exposed.

23 January 2014

War crimes in Syria: a new dodgy dossier?

A report claiming Assad executed 11,000 prisoners is not all that it seems.

23 December 2013

2013: the year the Arab Spring died

In the Egyptian coup, democratic hopes were snuffed out.