26 February 2014

The Snowden Files: a case study in hypocrisy

Luke Harding's book reads like an unwitting parody of Guardianista narcissism.

31 October 2013

NSA leaks: spookily familiar

Edward Snowden’s leakage is not as revelatory as his supporters think.

16 October 2013

Whistleblowers: white saviours of the ignorant mob?

The cult of leaking reflects and reinforces the death of democratic politics.

22 August 2013

No, Bradley Manning, you are not a woman

Just because Mr Manning says he is a female, that doesn’t mean he is.

20 August 2013

Bradley Manning is not the messiah

Manning’s leaks didn’t tell us anything we didn't already know.

1 July 2013

The Observer cosies up to conspiracy theorists

The broadsheet’s publication and then withdrawal of a weirdo’s claims about the NSA shows what a parlous state journalism is in.

23 August 2012

On rape, George Galloway has a point

Ignore feminists’ shrill attempts to demonise critics – we need an honest debate about the meaning of rape.

20 August 2012

The fallen angel of the radical set

Once, activists painted Julian Assange as a secrets-busting messiah - now they just think he’s a very naughty boy.

St Julian and his dodgy disciples 

It is not that surprising that Wikileaks should attract anti-Semites: both share a conspiratorial world view.