20 September 2011

Trying to nudge us towards decency

The Lib-Con government’s obsession with nudging suggests it sees us as mere putty to be remoulded at will.

21 July 2011

Why the state should butt out of our personal lives

It is a sign of the times that the only debate we seem to have about nudging is ‘does it work?’ rather than ‘what gives them the right?’.

28 June 2011

The barbarians within the arts establishment

The drive to use art to change people’s behaviour is as contemptuous of us as it is of culture.

12 May 2011

The Cube: welcome to your eco-prison cell

Apparently our unwillingness to live in cramped, low-energy homes reveals our psychological flaws.

20 January 2011

Defending moral autonomy against an army of nudgers

ESSAY: Frank Furedi slams the ‘choice architects’ who bypass public debate in their zealous effort to reshape our minds and bodies.

4 January 2011

Lib-Cons: following New Labour’s diet

Andrew Lansley’s health vouchers scheme exposes the coalition’s view of the masses as unhealthy and a bit thick.

6 December 2010

Treating people like lab rats

When it comes to UK health policy, dodgy Nudge-style psychology is just as oppressive as New Labour nannying.

1 December 2010

Resist this nudge towards sobriety

The UK government’s decision to raise duty on high-strength lager in order to change our behaviour diminishes us all.

15 November 2010

Turning New York into a nudgocracy

City Hall is now awash with Nudge-inspired brain invaders, and they’re threatening to zap the spirit and soul from the greatest city on Earth.

1 November 2010

A message to the illiberal Nudge Industry: push off

The ‘politics of the brain’ is a threat to choice, freedom and democracy – which is why spiked is declaring war against it.