8 March 2018

Putting the nation on a diet

Health busybodies want to force their killjoy ways on the rest of us.

17 October 2014

Darzi’s doublespeak

When nanny staters say ‘choice’, what they really mean is ‘less choice’.

12 December 2013

Dementia: how health nudging works

The claim that dementia can be prevented by lifestyle changes was convenient PR - but remains unproven.

4 December 2013

Behavioural design: a public dis-service

Using design to make people behave in UK A&E departments leaves the source of people's frustrations untouched.

23 October 2012

Down with the Diet Police!

Tesco’s introduction of traffic-light food warnings shows how normal the nudging of the masses has become.

6 September 2012

Fizzing with authoritarian intent

Having long been battling drugs, it now seems the British state is about to launch the sequel: the War on Dr Pepper.

7 August 2012

Presumed consent: nationalising our organs

There is a desperate need for organs for transplant, but taking them from the dead without consent is no solution.

13 October 2011

We don’t need experts to teach us how to be civil

A new report calls on officialdom to ‘nudge’ the masses towards civilised behaviour. It isn’t only a patronising idea, but a dangerous one.