13 November 2003

Offside, 13 November

The crisis at the other Palace.

30 October 2003

Offside, 30 October

When it comes to drugs policy, the Football Association is off its head.

23 October 2003

Offside, 23 October

Call me Caligula, but what exactly is wrong with footballers engaging in group sex?

16 October 2003

Offside, 16 October

Football's snobs learn the correct way to express their prejudice.

9 October 2003

Offside, 9 October

The charge that millionaire footballers have 'too much too young' is based on old-fashioned snobbery.

3 October 2003

Offside, 3 October

Now Spurs fans have cast off their incompetent manager, perhaps they could stop moaning.

26 September 2003

Offside, 26 September

Those offended by post-match melees should follow tennis instead.

18 September 2003

Offside, 18 September

Beckham should show more of his skills and less of his scars.

14 August 2003

Offside, 14 August

Women's footballing judgement is clouded by a player's phwoar factor.

7 August 2003

Offside, 7 August

Teams should stop moaning about Chelsea’s Russian cash, and start beating them at football.