11 March 2004

Offside, 11 March

How to write an article about football's moral decline.

5 March 2004

Offside, 5 March

FIFA is tying players up in new regulations.

26 February 2004

Offside, 26 February

It's bad sport to snitch on the other teams' goal celebrations.

2 February 2004

Bestie RIP

spiked editor Mick Hume in The Times (London), on why we should exorcise the grisly ghost of football legend George Best.

18 December 2003

Offside, 18 December

Behind the 'boring' Premiership.

11 December 2003

Offside, 11 December

Lofty's live blunder proves that there's no place for niceties in football fandom.

4 December 2003

Offside, 4 December

The 'football chant laureate' competition is deaf to the creativity of the terraces.

28 November 2003

Try again

Rugby is not a panacea for all of England's ills.

20 November 2003

Offside, 20 November

Offside readers find the game boring, hate the song and don't understand the rules - so why will they be glued to the rugby World Cup final?

13 November 2003

Offside, 13 November

The crisis at the other Palace.