15 August 2016

A welcome shot of Olympic spirit

The ethos of the Olympics flies in the face of today’s cultural pessimism.

13 August 2016

‘Even when the Olympics is bad, it’s still great’

Podcast: Mick Hume stands up for the greatest show on Earth.

8 August 2016

The worst Olympics are the greatest Games on Earth

Five reasons to give the Rio Games a chance of glory.

26 July 2016

The West’s collective punishment of Russian athletes

The Cold War on doping is ruining sport.

15 July 2016

Portugal’s punk-rock tribute to defending

Don’t blame defenders for a dull Euro 2016 – attacking tacticians need to up their games.

30 June 2016

England: still bang average

The Iceland defeat was one of the most humiliating yet.

17 June 2016

The hooligan myth

The Euro bovver was sparked by brutal policing, not knuckle-dragging fans.

15 June 2016

Football fans: still being treated like animals

Euro 2016 shows fans are still viewed as ‘unwashed and backward’.