5 December 2014

Phillip Hughes: mourning sickness Down Under

Why the global grieving leaves me cold.

28 November 2014

If Dave Whelan’s a racist, then I’m a Chinaman

The Wigan chairman’s only crime was to belong to a less PC generation.

21 November 2014

Ched Evans: the dangers of mob justice

Petitioners and celebs are trashing the idea of redemption.

13 November 2014

#Sket-gate: why the FA needs to eff off

Rio Ferdinand's ban for mouthing off on Twitter shows how sanctimonious the FA has become.

7 November 2014

Football – still a ‘slum sport’

The policing of fans hasn't gone away, it's just become more insidious.

31 October 2014

Balotelli-bashing: why always Mario?

Knocking the Italian striker has become a media obsession.

24 October 2014

They think it’s
all ebola

The football world's response to the disease has been farcical.

17 October 2014

In praise of terrace banter

It’s time to stick up for football fans’ right to trade insults.