21 January 2016

Why the thirst for sporting scandal?

The endless suspicion-mongering around sport is born of a deeper distrust.

5 January 2016

Chris Gayle and the rise of the Flirt Tax

Fining a man for asking someone on a date is mad and illiberal.

29 December 2015

Why Chelsea sacked their best-ever manager

Even the Special One has succumbed to football's short-termism.

8 December 2015

All hail the
Gypsy King

So what if Tyson Fury's opinions are mad. His boxing is world-class.

12 November 2015

Russian Olympic scandal, or dopey Western stunt?

It’s much easier to lecture Putin over drugs in sport than bombs in Syria.

14 August 2015

When Corbynites attack

Like the cybernats, Jeremy Corbyn’s fans can’t stomach dissent.

7 August 2015

Premier League 2015-16: let the hype begin

The Premier League may not be the best, but it’s definitely the most overrated.

5 August 2015

The doping hysteria is destroying sport

Calm down – athletics is not in the grip of a moral malaise.

23 July 2015

Cricket teams fraternising? It isn’t cricket

Stop trying to be friends, England and Australia. Cricket is war.