Why Ozil’s resignation has rocked Germany

This race row has revealed a tense relationship with Turkey.

17 July 2018

Russia 2018: the greatest ever World Cup?

Final thoughts on an all-right England and the French revolution.

The two Englands

The World Cup has been brilliant. But it didn’t bring us together.

9 July 2018

Now they even want to racialise the World Cup

Identitarians judge footballers not by their skill, but by their race.

5 July 2018

Can England win the World Cup?

Is football really becoming as unpredictable as politics?

5 July 2018

Russian football fans are human after all

The World Cup has exploded Russophobic prejudices.

28 June 2018

Even the World Cup is about Brexit now

The elite’s loathing of the flag-waving masses is now on full display.

31 May 2018

The unpardonable offence of ‘flash nigger’ Jack Johnson

Why the first black heavyweight world champion was framed.

FOBTs: a middle-class moral panic

The £2 stake will do nothing to help problem gamblers.

26 April 2018

Arsene Wenger: a reign of two halves

The Arsenal manager was a revolutionary who became stuck in his ways.