24 October 2014

They think it’s
all ebola

The football world's response to the disease has been farcical.

17 October 2014

In praise of terrace banter

It’s time to stick up for football fans’ right to trade insults.

10 October 2014

Keano, don’t tame the fury

Roy Keane's temper may have cost him, but it's what made him a legend.

26 September 2014

LVG’s big-spender football blues

Manchester United’s pitiful loss to Leicester proves that smash-and-grab management isn't all it's cracked up to be.

19 September 2014

Kick wifi out of football?

Fans live-tweeting matches from the stands isn't to blame for the sanitisation of the game.

11 September 2014

Where have all the Ingurland fans gone?

Support for England has always been fairweather, and right now it's drizzling in Wembley.

5 September 2014

English footballers, get on yer bikes

Too many homegrown Premier League players are stuck in a bench-warming comfort zone.

29 August 2014

Man’s inalienable right to banter

In the wake of the Mackay / Moody scandal, we must defend the liberty to talk bollocks.

26 August 2014

Kick the thought police out of football – and smartphones

The real scandal is the public hanging of Mackay and Moody for private texts.

22 August 2014

What Sartre might say to Crystal Palace

It’s time my team ditched the ‘if only’ mantra and determined its destiny.