4 April 2016

No, boxing is not ‘barbaric’

The latest round of blows at boxing are aimed below the belt.

29 March 2016

Stop treating football fans like second-class citzens

Discriminatory laws are ruining the beautiful game.

11 March 2016

Enough with the gender agenda

We talk football, Turkey's press crackdown and International Women's Day.

9 March 2016

Maria Sharapova took a drug – so what?

It was talent, not drugs, that secured her grand-slam victories.

21 January 2016

Why the thirst for sporting scandal?

The endless suspicion-mongering around sport is born of a deeper distrust.

5 January 2016

Chris Gayle and the rise of the Flirt Tax

Fining a man for asking someone on a date is mad and illiberal.

29 December 2015

Why Chelsea sacked their best-ever manager

Even the Special One has succumbed to football's short-termism.