26 June 2015

Taking selfies is not a team sport

Deshorn Brown should be ashamed of himself.

12 June 2015

Oi, dopeheads, leave Mo Farah alone!

The anti-doping witch-hunt is dragging another Olympian’s name through the mud.

8 June 2015

Is Sepp Blatter really Stalin or Saddam Hussein?

Those seeking the moral highground are taking football hype to a new low.

What do we think of Jack Wilshere? Brilliant!

Jubilant, sweary and a little bit pissed, the Arsenal star's victory-parade performance proved he’s a fan, too.

1 June 2015

Which is worse: FIFA or the Blatter‑bashers?

It’s a political game of displacement that doesn’t have much to do with football.

Gerrard should have left Liverpool years ago

He was a local hero, yes. But he fell short of greatness.

We’ll dress
how we want

The fancy-dress furore at Hartlepool shows that football anti-racism has sunk to a new low.

Precrime policing is ruining football

Breathalysing fans brings Stalinism to the turnstiles.

Cameron, Villa and the scourge of soccerism

Why is the PM so keen for us to believe he’s a football fan?