23 January 2015

Holding out for a local hero

The local lad who bleeds the team’s colours is becoming a rarity in the high-stakes Premier League.

16 January 2015

Stephanie Roche is not the world’s best goalscorer

And: Her goal was excellent, but it's right she didn't win the FIFA award.

9 January 2015

Football needs to grow a pair and defend Ched Evans

And: We need to tackle the intolerance of the anti-Evans mob.

6 January 2015

This persecution of Ched Evans is medieval

It is not up to Twittermobs to decide how ex-cons live their lives.

5 December 2014

Phillip Hughes: mourning sickness Down Under

Why the global grieving leaves me cold.

28 November 2014

If Dave Whelan’s a racist, then I’m a Chinaman

The Wigan chairman’s only crime was to belong to a less PC generation.

21 November 2014

Ched Evans: the dangers of mob justice

Petitioners and celebs are trashing the idea of redemption.

13 November 2014

#Sket-gate: why the FA needs to eff off

Rio Ferdinand's ban for mouthing off on Twitter shows how sanctimonious the FA has become.