Gerrard should have left Liverpool years ago

He was a local hero, yes. But he fell short of greatness.

We’ll dress
how we want

The fancy-dress furore at Hartlepool shows that football anti-racism has sunk to a new low.

Precrime policing is ruining football

Breathalysing fans brings Stalinism to the turnstiles.

Cameron, Villa and the scourge of soccerism

Why is the PM so keen for us to believe he’s a football fan?

24 April 2015

We’ll tweet what we want

Football fans need to kick back against the social-media police.

17 April 2015

The genius of the football missile thrower

Yes, throwing things at players can be dangerous. But, at its best, it’s an art.

Consent classes for footballers, but not cricketers?

The elite views footballers and football fans as rapists-in-waiting.

20 March 2015

The art of a good pitch invasion

The hysterical response to fans rushing the pitch shows how sanitised football has become.

19 March 2015

Hillsborough: blaming one top cop is a cover-up, too

It took more than an incompetent commander to cause 96 deaths.