12 February 2007

Let the death camps die

Guy Rundle reports from former Nazi camps, where ever-more morbid attempts are being made to preserve buildings, ash pits, even human hair.

6 February 2007

Kosovo gains independence - again?

Under the guise of granting sovereignty, the UN is dumping responsibility for its mess in Kosovo on to the European Union.

17 January 2007

A United Kingdom of Britain and France?

Revelations that the British and French discussed a merger in 1956 have been greeted with guffaws. It’s not that shocking.

Caught up in a new Cold War

When we interviewed Alexander Litvinenko, we had no idea we would end up being branded as Kremlin agents.

30 November 2006

Time to ‘talk turkey’ about Turkey – and the EU

The controversies over Turkey and the West will not be resolved by people hiding their arguments behind the Pope, the Greek Cypriots or the EU.

30 November 2006

Putting Russia in the frame

The response to Alexander Litvinenko’s death implies that all Russians are collectively guilty of skulduggery.

27 November 2006

Alexander Litvinenko: a murder mystery, not a Cold War thriller

Why are some in the West using the death of a former spy to redraw the East-West divide?

13 November 2006

Setting the Poles apart

What does the European Union do when accused of collaborating with the CIA on human rights abuses? Blame Poland.

16 October 2006

My Hungarian revolution

What it was like to be a nine-year old 'class enemy' when Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest to crush the 1956 Hungarian uprising.

25 September 2006

Hungary: a ‘hooligan revolution’?

Why EU bureaucrats have been so snobbish and hostile towards the demonstrators in Budapest.