Globalisation: the new spectre haunting Europe?

European officials, rattled by recent rejections of the EU constitution, are using scare tactics to try to win people’s support.

11 May 2006

The EU and Serbia: treating a state like a naughty child

What gives European officials the right to punish Serbia for failing to arrest former Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic?

13 April 2006

In the shadow of the Fifth Republic

The French student protests might be lively, but they have failed to break free of the politics of the past.

4 April 2006

What ever happened to the Orange Revolution?

Last year we were told that a popular uprising in Ukraine had ousted a fraudulent leader. So why has that fraudulent leader now been voted into power?

30 March 2006

Paris strikes: more 1984 than 1968

Beneath the fiery street protests there lurks a mood of deep conservatism.

28 March 2006

No-go Italy

Treviso's car ban on 'Environment Day' shows that when it comes to green issues, Italian voters have no choice.

Serbia: from pariah to EU member

Serbia is currently charged with genocide, under pressure to hand over General Mladic, and up for membership of the EU. What’s going on? Two authors offer their views.

21 February 2006

Free speech in Europe: it’s all or nothing

As British historian David Irving is imprisoned in Austria for Holocaust denial, read this spiked article first published in December last year.

11 November 2005

Blair, Bush, Chirac: in power, but in paralysis

Why can't any government face up to a political challenge these days?

8 November 2005

French lessons for us all

The riots reveal the political exhaustion of Europe.