13 August 2007

The end of Europe?

Blaming Europe’s decline on the fertility rates of fecund immigrants misses the point that the continent is politically, not physically, exhausted.

28 June 2007

Europe: whose Treaty is it anyway?

The people of Europe should have the ultimate say over any EU Treaty. Yet some of those calling for a referendum on the matter are driven by an anti-democratic impulse.

22 June 2007

Sir Salman Rushdie? Why not Sir Bernard Manning?

Why the EU is a dead weight around the neck of civilisation and the latest 'Rushdie affair': read Mick Hume's columns in The Times (London).

19 June 2007

EU better watch out

Try to stay awake during this week’s EU summit, because the debate reveals a Euro elite united in its contempt for the continent’s peoples.

G8: the myth of ‘them and us’

Sabine Beppler-Spahl visits the protest camps at the G8 summit and finds the grungy protesters have a lot in common with the suited and booted world leaders.

4 June 2007

Is THIS the most dangerous man in Europe?

Bernard Kouchner poses as a rule-breaking rebel determined to save the wretched of the Earth. In fact his 'humanitarianism' is a recipe for mayhem.

30 May 2007

An iron fist in a pink velvet glove

The EU authorities are using accusations of homophobia as another stick with which to beat ‘backward’ Poles and Russians.

Nul points for the West

An Eastern bloc of crappy music? The co-editor of German magazine Novo investigates the 'Cold War' over the Eurovision Song Contest.

16 May 2007

Serbia and Europe: who’s ruling who?

Many are shocked that Serbia has been made president of the Council of Europe, yet they turn a blind eye to the EU’s blackmail of elected Serb politicians.

How scary is Sarkozy?

The European left is fast turning the French president into the new bogeyman of Europe. Yet his power base and political programme are not as coherent as they claim.