24 June 2005

Chirac, Villepin and Sarkozy: friends or foes?

On the Machiavellian intrigues gripping the leaders of the French political class.

3 June 2005

For Europe, but not the EU

The French and the Dutch have voted No to the EU Constitution - now the British should be given the chance to do the same, to kick-start a debate on the European supra-state.

31 May 2005

The reawakening of European democracy

The French people's rejection of the EU Constitution represents a positive political event.

1 April 2005

Rough justice, EU-style

By forcing countries to trade alleged war criminals for accession rights, the EU puts politics at the heart of the Hague Tribunal.

21 February 2005

Euro-elites desperately seeking demos

The EU constitution expresses the will of a phantom European public.

17 February 2005

Free speech in the dock

A European court has ruled that the McLibel Two should have received legal aid. But English libel law should be scrapped, not tweaked.

14 June 2004

Europe: ‘We blame the government - whoever they are’

The election results reveal that many of those who do bother to vote are at least as alienated as those who don't.

10 July 2003

When il capo met kapo

Dominic Standish reports from Italy on why Europe failed to get Silvio Berlusconi's 'ironic joke'.

11 May 2001

10 things I hate about EU

It's boring, illegitimate, technocratic, divisive and bland. Nobody's for it, nobody's against it, it's a retreat from politics and a retreat from economics. And it's a tricky one.