13 November 2006

Setting the Poles apart

What does the European Union do when accused of collaborating with the CIA on human rights abuses? Blame Poland.

16 October 2006

My Hungarian revolution

What it was like to be a nine-year old 'class enemy' when Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest to crush the 1956 Hungarian uprising.

25 September 2006

Hungary: a ‘hooligan revolution’?

Why EU bureaucrats have been so snobbish and hostile towards the demonstrators in Budapest.

19 September 2006

Sweden: only a very Moderate change

The victory of the centre-right coalition over the Social Democrats is a result of the winds of opportunism rather than the winds of change.

15 June 2006

Why we should save Venice

Ignore the doom-mongers and philistines – it is both possible and desirable to rescue Venice from sinking into the sea.

1 June 2006

The EC’s message to the people of Europe: make do and mend

The latest European campaign on climate change is driven by killjoy arguments for rationing and restraint.

Europe to crack down on ‘passive drinking’, says leaked report

Our reporter in Brussels reveals that EC officials are plotting to make drinking as socially unacceptable as smoking.

Globalisation: the new spectre haunting Europe?

European officials, rattled by recent rejections of the EU constitution, are using scare tactics to try to win people’s support.

11 May 2006

The EU and Serbia: treating a state like a naughty child

What gives European officials the right to punish Serbia for failing to arrest former Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic?

13 April 2006

In the shadow of the Fifth Republic

The French student protests might be lively, but they have failed to break free of the politics of the past.