20 August 2014

Whatever happened to the Eurozone revival?

If we fail to tackle the true cause of the crisis, growth will remain a mirage.

4 July 2014

Burqa ban: when legalism trumps liberty

The real battle over the burqa won’t be won in the courts.

No sexist speech, please, we’re Belgian

New anti-sexism laws in Belgium deal a blow to free expression.

27 May 2014

Stop pathologising people who vote for Eurosceptic parties

They aren’t just ‘protest voters’ or a mob – they’re searching for solidarity.

12 May 2014

Russia-baiting reveals its Wurst side

Anti-Russian Westerners have turned Conchita Wurst's Eurovision winner into a weapon in the culture wars.

8 May 2014

Trying to shame UKIP supporters into silence

Tim Black reports from a rowdy UKIP public meeting in central London.

2 April 2014

Sweden is no haven of liberty

Even this supposedly liberal paradise has laws against saying offensive things.

26 March 2014

Ukraine: another fine mess EU’ve gotten us into

How the EU’s technocratic foreign policy causes chaos.

18 March 2014

If Europe is so free, why won’t it allow free debate on Ukraine?

The same Euro-politicians who claim to have delivered Ukraine into freedom now want to clamp down on free discussion about Ukraine.

27 February 2014

Bosnia: the limits to EU rule

Recent protests in Bosnia reveal the problems of the EU’s stage-managed democracy.