25 November 2015

Brussels: a city terrorising itself

The shutdown in Belgium is doing the jihadists’ work for them.

The shocking cost of Holland’s Eurozone membership

Dutch anti-Euro campaigners explain why their leaders have questions to answer.

18 November 2015

Why mass surveillance misses terrorists

Mass monitoring of citizens provides an entirely false sense of security.

11 November 2015

Reform the EU? Pull the other one

David Cameron's EU reform plan is a charade of sovereignty.

28 October 2015

Using migrants to bash Eastern Europe

Merkel and Co have turned the refugee crisis into a moral conflict.

26 October 2015

The real reason we should fight for a Brexit

Being in the EU damages our democratic rights. Let’s leave.

20 October 2015

Want to help refugees? Then stop sobbing

The EU is exploiting the false distinction between migrants and refugees.

15 October 2015

Refugee crisis: lighting candles is not enough

Adopt-a-Syrian? How patronising can you get.

25 September 2015

Freedom for Catalonia: a greedy game

Catalan independence is about self-interest, not liberation.

18 September 2015

Something Must Be Done (so that I can sleep at night)

Caitlin Moran’s crocodile tears will do nothing to help migrants.