17 August 2018

Barcelona, one year on

Why people still aren’t taking violent Islamism seriously.

10 August 2018

Whither Podemos?

On the rise and fall of Spain’s left-wing populists.

9 August 2018

The dystopia of the child-protection industry

From Norway to Britain, more kids are being seized from their parents.

9 August 2018

A feeling of apartheid in Holland

A South African writer sees too much of his homeland in multicultural Europe.

25 July 2018

The rise of the Sweden Democrats

There’s more to this populist upsurge than bigotry.

29 June 2018

Hungary: the bad boy of the EU

Brussels fears Hungary because it refuses to bow to imperial technocracy.

19 June 2018

Bilderberg: wrestling with cops in Turin

What it’s like covering the global elites’ top-secret get-together.

5 June 2018

No one voted for Spain’s new prime minister

Spain's political class needs to face the electorate, not flee it.

24 May 2018

The real ‘Tory Brexit lie’... the myth that May’s government is fighting to leave the EU at all.

26 April 2018

The Customs Union con

This isn’t about the economy or Northern Ireland – it’s about weakening Brexit.