1 October 2016

‘The fight for democracy is more urgent than ever’

Podcast: Brendan O'Neill on Brexit and the unresolved nature of democracy.

1 October 2016

The truth about those ‘Brexit lies’

EU elites think voters are too thick to know what’s right.

28 September 2016

Who would want to be a citizen of the EU?

The EU’s citizenship programme is a truly depressing spectacle.

14 September 2016

What next: locking up Leavers?

Investigating Farage for hate speech would be an act of tyranny.

9 September 2016

Why even Brexiteer MPs are scared of Brexit

The whole establishment has been rattled by our defiant cry.

31 August 2016

EC: taking a bite out of Apple

The European Commission’s tax-bashing of Apple is nothing to celebrate.

29 August 2016

How ‘open borders’ became an illiberal cry

The West’s sanctification of diversity is segmenting society.