25 October 2010

The intolerant legacy of multiculturalism

Germany’s angry debate about immigration has its roots in the multiculturalist emphasis on difference.

13 September 2010

Thilo Sarrazin: the dark side of multiculturalism

Sarrazin’s claim that people are imprisoned by their ethnicity is not that different from PC notions of ‘diversity’.

Don’t cancel Love
Parade – make it better

The deaths of 20 revellers is a terrible tragedy, but we shouldn’t respond to such events by putting life on hold.

Germany and the politics of resignation

It’s a worrying sign of the times that more and more of our leaders respond to controversy by throwing in the towel.

24 May 2010

Why Mrs Europe is bashing the bankers

Angela Merkel’s unilateral decision to ban ‘short selling’ shows how deluded and divided the political class is.

12 November 2009

Germany: still divided after all these years

The fall of the Berlin Wall, far from heralding a unified future, ushered in a new period of discord between west and east.

7 October 2009

No end in sight for Bundestagnation

Angela Merkel’s victory puts an end to the inertia of the Grand Coalition, but German politics still lacks dynamism.

17 September 2009

Why Thatcher defended the Berlin Wall

Secret Kremlin minutes from 1989 reveal that anti-communist Western leaders were privately terrified about the demise of the Soviet bloc.

13 November 2008

The Baader Meinhof Complex: hippy terror

A new film captures the tragi-farcical fate of the radicals who rejected capitalism and the working class.

Achtung: if you’re fat, you’re anti-social

The German government’s new anti-obesity campaign seems designed to turn people’s weight into a measure of their moral integrity.