Achtung: if you’re fat, you’re anti-social

The German government’s new anti-obesity campaign seems designed to turn people’s weight into a measure of their moral integrity.

Achtung! Kick politics and morality out of football

A Frankfurt-based journalist and football fan tackles the German government for trying to reinvent the nation around the World Cup.

20 September 2005

German election: Was ist das?

On the gap between the pre-election predictions and the post-election mess.

26 August 2005

Germany: have politicians lost their tongues?

Speechlessness and evasion mark the run-up to the German elections.

5 July 2005

Germany: the government defeats itself

The crisis of Gerhard Schröder's administration seems to have woken democracy from its slumber.

8 February 2005

Dresden: Don’t apologise - understand

The debate surrounding the sixtieth anniversary of the firestorming of Dresden shows how sober analysis of history is being distorted by angst about the world today.

16 September 2004

Germany’s self-hating conservatives

Anti-modernism is gaining ground among the German right.