Germany’s unfunny attack on the freedom to mock

Don't blame Turkey for Germany's prosecution of a satirist.

There’s more to the AfD surge than immigration

German voters are rebelling against the paternalistic 'liberal' elite.

22 January 2016

After Cologne: where are the feminists?

Why are 'progressives' so reluctant to question what happened?

19 January 2016

Why is Europe giving Muslim migrants sex-ed lessons?

These creepy leaflets are testament to a much deeper malaise.

14 January 2016

After Cologne: let’s ‘dare to say how things really are’

The furore about those sexual assaults says more about ‘our’ culture than ‘theirs’.

Germans must be free to read Mein Kampf

The ban on Hitler's tome was dankly elitist

16 October 2015

Germany: the new sick man of Europe

If the French are saying your country's in crisis, you know you're in trouble.

28 September 2015

Using migrants to bash east Germans

The migrant crisis has exposed the deep east-west antagonism in German society.

11 September 2015

Refugee crisis: Germany’s Band Aid?

By embracing migrants, Germany is getting over its war guilt.

Germany’s gender quota: illiberal and divisive

No radical should support special privileges for women.