British politics

British politics

16 May 2017

Labour: the party of the non-working class

The Tories are winning over those abandoned by Labour.

15 May 2017

Populism on the ropes? Don’t be so sure

Macron's win is a small victory for a Euro-establishment in crisis.

15 May 2017

Higher taxes won’t kickstart the economy

We need a plan for real economic growth, not punitive taxes.

11 May 2017

The expenses scandal that wasn’t

No one cares about a couple of Tory campaign accounting gaffes.

10 May 2017

Where is the 48 per cent?

The vast majority of Remain voters are democrats.

9 May 2017

Why Corbyn can’t do populism

The people are angry at Labour, not Philip Green.

8 May 2017

Local elections in interesting results shocker!

The lack of an anti-Brexit backlash and other news from last week’s British polls.

4 May 2017

End leaks and secrecy – put Brexit talks on TV

Juncker and May could learn from Lenin about open diplomacy.