British politics

British politics

1 December 2016

Stop the fearmongering about fascism

The left’s Nazism panic shows how out of touch it is.

29 November 2016

At the party’s end

Peter Oborne reflects on the defeat, and future, of the political class.

25 November 2016

The wrath of the do‑gooders

Are bien pensant observers the most hateful people in politics?

24 November 2016

Remainers, please, let Jo Cox rest in peace

The media’s use of Cox to score political points is grotesque.

24 November 2016

Economic sloth: stop blaming it on Brexit

We need to boost productivity, with or without the EU.

24 November 2016

Prison reform needs big ideas

We need a revolution in justice policy.

23 November 2016

The British state is watching you

The Investigatory Powers Act opens another window into our lives.

21 November 2016

Republicanism is in dire need of repairs

Penny-pinching attacks on the monarchy are no substitute for democratic principles.

18 November 2016

The rise of the capitalist left

Today's self-styled radicals care more about GDP figures than people.

14 November 2016

Remainers, stop policing politics

Politicians should be judged through the ballot box, not the witness box.