British politics

British politics

25 December 2017

spiked’s person of the year: the unflinching Brexiteer

Brexit voters have reminded the world what conviction looks like.

24 December 2017

No going back to dead two-party politics

This year showed both the Conservatives and Labour exist in name alone.

23 December 2017

The revealing hysteria over blue passports

Elite Remainers finally reveal how much they despise ordinary people.

23 December 2017

The fantasy of the ‘youthquake’

The 2017 youth rebellion is a figment of observers’ imaginations.

19 December 2017

When you attack democracy, you piss people off

The public fury with Remoaner MPs is perfectly rational.

12 December 2017

If they kill Brexit, they kill democracy

A clear message is being sent to the public: you don’t matter.

8 December 2017

Brexit: on the road to betrayal

We need to take back control from Tory Brexiteers.

7 December 2017

The myth of Britain’s far right

Britain First is as insignificant as its racist and fascist predecessors.

6 December 2017

Labour: a party against the people

The idea that Brexit is impossible reveals the conservatism of the pro-EU set.