British politics

British politics

24 August 2005

Memorial to paranoia

Conspiracy theorists and opportunists gather at the shrine to Jean Charles de Menezes in Stockwell.

23 August 2005

Mo Mowlam and the politics of disgruntlement

Everyone agrees that she was a 'breath of fresh air', but what exactly did she stand for?

10 August 2005

Robin Cook: from ethical imperialist to anti-war activist

The former foreign secretary’s career mirrored the twists and turns of the liberal-left intelligentsia.

5 August 2005

British-bred terrorists: was it something they ate?

A small street in west London has been swamped by journalists demanding answers about 21/7.

3 August 2005

Don’t protect the Green Belt - build on it

We need new houses more than we need wetlands.

18 July 2005

Mobile politics

Do mobile phones invade our privacy? British MPs give their views.

14 July 2005

Were Londoners told the truth?

A couple of hours after the bombs, Italian news agencies were reporting that 50 people had died - but the UK press took a lot longer to come clean.

7 July 2005

Live 8: How did protests become love-ins?

Over the past 15 years, 'street politics' has lost its critical edge.

1 July 2005

It’s too easy for everybody to love Live 8

Is this a political protest for Africa, or a charity for the benefit of the British elite?

1 July 2005

570,000 ‘illegal immigrants’: so what?

Britain is coping just fine with its new arrivals, and could take more still.