British politics

British politics

8 February 2007

Bring down the House

The half-hearted proposed reform of the House of Lords shows that our governing class has precious little instinct for democracy.

7 February 2007

Are we all racists and victims now?

Those who want to turn everything into a race issue today are desperate to impose a phoney new national morality.

5 February 2007

Corrupting the curriculum

Why is it ‘brainwashing’ when faith schools teach values but ‘raising awareness’ when the state teaches the pieties of environmentalism?

31 January 2007

Why the Home Office can't keep its house in order

A paranoid government that wants to put every citizen on a list and every criminal in a cell? No wonder the system seems swamped.

30 January 2007

Wanna be a worker?

Describing yourself as 'working class' has become a way of snobbishly dismissing materialism.

23 January 2007

Get the police out of politics

…and put some politics back in.

18 January 2007

Look at the State they're in

Why is the Home Office demonstrating all the smooth-running efficiency of an Iraqi hangman?

15 January 2007

A very trying satire

Laughs and insight are thin on the ground in the wishful drama The Trial of Tony Blair, showing on More4 tonight.

12 January 2007

‘If I am sent back, I will be jobless’

Emily Hill meets some of the highly skilled immigrants whose lives have been turned upside down by New Labour’s knee-jerkism.

10 January 2007

A queer rally

The torch-lit protest by religious groups against gay rights regulations looked like a game of 'victim one-upmanship'.